While landscaping and external maintenance and repairs begin to take a back seat to the ongoing services we provide, our crew of full-time employees look forward to what lies ahead this winter season. As anyone in the snow removal industry can tell you…..”expect the unexpected”. That is the very reason we train our drivers and snow technicians during the off season. Education, communication and continual weather monitoring is the key to productive snow service.

Using our background experience of almost 20 years in the snow and ice control industry, we provide round the clock 24 hr. service. Because of the high-volume of snow customers and unpredictable weather conditions, it is imperative that property owners and management take the time now to secure their snow service provider.

Contact Childress Commercial Property Maintenance for your snow and ice control service. 423-349-8081 or Tracey Stratton at tstratton@childressinc.com

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