Every successful business owner and property manager knows how important it is to make that “best first impression”.  However, it is difficult to keep that impression without regular maintenance.  As owners and managers, sometimes we fail to notice our own properties when they are being neglected.  We are sometimes too busy to notice what our customers and employees see every day.

Take a moment this week to take a look at the appearance of your facility or properties.  Pressure washing the walkways and entrances will make a huge improvement.  Re-striping the parking lot, handicap spaces, fire lanes and arrows is a very effective way to enhance the appearance and safety of your property.  Are the planters clean and free of weeds and twigs? Do you have trees or shrubs that need trimming?

Technicians and lawn maintenance crew at Childress, Inc. are equipped to handle any type of maintenance or repair work that is needed at your facility.  Visit our website or call to schedule your maintenance; you’ll be glad you did.

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