Have you ever wondered how shopping center parking lots stayed so clean? Who picks up all the trash left by the public? Who removes all the plastic bags left behind? Those big cups and coke cans – where do they all go? That chewing gum stuck on the sidewalk – now who really cleans that up?

Actually there is a business in your own community that takes care of this enormous clean-up effort night after night, all week long. Property owners and managers have used Childress Commercial Property Maintenance for over 35 years to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of their properties. They know they can depend on Childress for nightly parking lot sweeping, striping and lawn maintenance. Other services property owners rely on are pressure washing and snow and ice management. “Our company is very versatile as we are able to provide any type of repairs and maintenance needed at shopping centers, office and medical buildings, or any commercial property,” said Janie Childress.

Owned and operated by Janie Childress, the company serves the Tri Cities area, Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. “We operate under the motto “One Phone Call Away” service for all our clients. Because many of our property owners and managers are located out of town, they are very happy to be able to call just one company to take care of any of their property issues in our area.”

You may also be wondering how did anyone get into the business of repairing and keeping commercial properties clean and safe? “Our background knowledge began in the early 80’s, when we began building residential homes. We adapted throughout the years, learning all aspects of construction that has prepared us to handle many issues we face today in the line of shopping center repairs. We are flexible in our current business as our technicians are capable of plumbing, roofing, asphalt repairs, concrete application, sheetrock, masonry and much more. That adaptability of our business is what makes it unique to other companies.”

Roy Light is the Job Supervisor. He brings many years of experience to the company. He has expertise in any type of construction or maintenance and can operate all types of machinery and equipment. In addition, Roy helps to maintain and repair company owned vehicles and equipment.
Operations Manager, Tracey Stratton, has been with the company for 15 years. Among Tracey’s many responsibilities is organizing daily operations, job scheduling, and employee supervision. As our snow team coordinator, she closely monitors weather conditions during snow season and maintains a one-on-one working relationship with property managers and owners. She is always willing to show a tenant space on the weekend, or even meet up with the police department to let them in a space when an alarm sets off!

Jr. Gilliam is the Shop Manager and has been with the company for 28 years. He works full-time as the in-house mechanic, constantly repairing and maintaining our fleet of 25 trucks, trailers, snow and mowing equipment.

Childress Commercial Property Maintenance was founded by Carroll Childress. Carroll has recently retired from the company. However, he is always available for consultation and guidance. He may be seen from time to time on the job site supervising a complex application.

“We pride ourselves on being flexible in all that we have pursued throughout the years. Because Childress has been involved in so many areas of building and repair services throughout the past 35 years, we have an advantage of versatility that many other companies cannot claim. Our sweeping business originated with a simple request. During the mid 90’s, we provided a lot of plumbing repairs for the local mall. One day the maintenance manager asked if we would be interested in bidding on the parking lot sweeping for the mall. Of course we agreed. We gave them a price and were awarded the contract. Needless to say, we didn’t even own a sweeper truck. Off we go with a couple of employees to Kentucky to purchase our first sweeper truck. Consequently, Childress Commercial Property Maintenance was born. The company has grown to include approximately 65 centers located throughout the Tri Cities, Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. We are proud to be that “invisible” night crew that cleans up after the public.”

Childress Commercial Property Maintenance offices are located at 2521 Russell Street in Kingsport. They can be reached at jchildress@childressinc.com, tstratton@childressinc.com, Kingsport 423-349-8081, Johnson City 423-282-6073, Bristol 423-968-3903.

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