Few things in life are less predictable than the weather and winter weather is the least predictable of all.  In this region of the country, winter weather can run the gamut from 70 degrees in the middle of January, to sudden extreme ice storms that can bring the city to a virtual standstill. It’s this latter situation that you must prepare for, and what better time to do that than now?

Securing a contract for snow and ice control for your parking lot, walkways and entrances is a top priority.  Preparation is most important when it involves the safety of your customers and employees.  Liability issues are always a concern for commercial property owners during the winter season. It is best to be prepared now and not rely on getting someone to clear your parking lot at the last-minute.

As anyone in the snow removal industry can tell you…..expect the unexpected. That is why we train our drivers and snow technicians during the offseason. Education, communication, and continuous weather monitoring is the key to productive snow service.  Our company has 30 years of experience in the snow and ice control industry. Service begins at the first indication of inclement weather until the last bit of snow and ice has been treated.

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