Did you know that steam pressure washing is used in both commercial and industrial cleaning applications? Pressure washers have been used for decades to degrease, remove oil, sterilize, disinfect, dissolve resins, melt and thaw ice build-up, flush away chemicals and poisons and de-gas. Steam pressure washing takes those benefits one step further and is used to destroy encrusted dirt, grim and other dried on substances by combining the power of steam with the strength of pressure. Another benefit is the high temperature allows for surfaces to be sterilized.

An additional benefit of the cleaning power of steam pressure washers is it allows cleaning without the use of chemicals or detergents. Although some jobs may require chemicals, a majority of the time the high temperature of the steam will be enough to complete the job.

Childress Commercial Property Maintenance is a locally owned, family-operated business. We have served customers in the Tri-Cities, Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia areas for more than 30 years. A fleet of over 25 vehicles, including sweepers, snow trucks, trailers, mowers, bobcat, tractor, utility vans and dump trucks, are at our disposal to accommodate your property needs. As a leader in commercial property maintenance, we are committed to caring for your property in a timely and professional manner. Childress Commercial Property Maintenance is fully insured and licensed.

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